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About Master Joseph Bautista.

Master Joseph Bautista is all about safety, specializing in Filipino martial arts. He began his training in martial arts at the age of 4.  Since 2003 he has been mainly focused in on Filipino Martial Arts. Joseph runs Legacy Filipino Martial Arts, a Filipino martial arts school based in Daly City, California. With classes in San Francisco. To this day he continues his training in FMA by training domestically and internationally to be able to learn from as many FMA teachers as possible. All in an effort to enhance and improve the teachings provided in Legacy Filipino Martial Arts.

In 2023 Master Joseph Bautista has been added to the European Kombatan Association's Black Belt team. The goal of the association is to preserve/promote Kombatan Arnis/ Modern Arnis 


He also teaches self-defense with Self Defense For the People, a self-defense program with clients such as Salesforce, Airbnb, Gap, UPS, and UCSF. When not teaching self-defense, he is teaching CPR and 1st Aid Skills to 911 Dispatchers and Local Police Officers in the SF Bay Area with 1st Five Minutes.

The Path of a

Master Joseph Bautista started his journey in martial arts at the age of four, while studying Aikido. As he got older, he started exploring different martial arts styles, and Filipino Martial Arts drew him in because of its practicality, versatility and it was a way to connect to his culture. He recognized that there will always be someone stronger, tougher and fitter — and that there had to be a way to level the playing field.  He also realized that FMA was a great gateway to leaning about Filipino culture.


Since Filipino Martial Arts specializes in the use of weapons, he felt that this art was something that he could do for a lifetime. Even older or injured, he reasoned that with the weapon, he would still always have a fighting chance. 

Before starting his school, Joseph trained Eskabo Daan Filipino Martial Arts under Grandmaster Robert Casto since 2003,  who had been taught by Great Grandmasters Angel Cabales and Ernesto Presas.

He also trained under his step father Joseph Camins who was teaching him Visayan Style Corto Kadena as taught to him by Maestro Sonny Umpad.

In 2022, after  12 years of being co owner with GM Castro in running Eskabo Daan Filipino Martial arts, Joseph founded Legacy Filipino Martial Arts with a focus on culture, self-defense, power, and stylistic detail.

 Legacy FMA studio in Daly City where Filipino Martial Arts is taught including knife, sticks, ground defense, dirty boxing, arnis, kali, escrima for youth and adults
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