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  • Do I need to have any martial arts background to train at Legacy FMA?
    We welcome complete beginners to martial arts, as well as experienced practicioners. All of our classes, aside from the advanced Filipino Martial Arts class, are suitable for people with no experience at all.
  • What makes your intro class "risk free?""
    If you don't learn something new and useful, and if you didn't have fun doing so, we will refund you your $19.95. What do you have to lose?
  • I want to learn how to use knives. Can you teach me?
    We certainly have the knowledge and skill to use knives. However, we only teach knife work to trusted students who have been with us for some time. We do teach basic self defense against knives to all beginners though.
  • How long will it take for me to learn how to defend myself?
    That all depends on you. No one can truly answer that question, because everyone learns at a different pace. However, in every class at Legacy FMA, we strive to have you walk away with a working knowledge of the techniques taught in class. You may not be perfect at it, but it will be knowledge you can apply to defend yourself. Just like anything else in life, the more time and effort you put in to your training, the more effective you will be. Training 3 times a week will help you learn faster than training 1 day a month.
  • Why train with sticks if I don't carry one around?
    The stick merely represents any type of everyday object or weapon that can be used as an impact weapons (for example, an umbrella,hammer, crow bar, bat, beer bottle, etc.) However, we think the best way to defend against weapons is to first learn how to wield weapons.
  • I am not the fittest or biggest person. Can I really learn to defend myself?
    YES. We believe in learning how to fight smart not hard, which is why we believe in learning how to use everyday items as a tool for self defense. Most fights aren't fair so we train in weaponry to even up the odds. Additionally, Filipinos are not generally the biggest and strongest folks out there, and yet Filipino martial arts is being used by military and law enforcement around the world. This is because the art is practical, effective and powerful.
  • I don't believe in hurting people. Can you show me how to not hurt someone?
    Yes. Physical confrontation is a last resort. We teach situational awareness and verbal de-escalation strategies and tactics to help mitigate situations. Should that fail, we give 3 physical options in dealing with a situation: If a loved one is getting overly aggressive for whatever reason, we show how to subdue them as nicely as possible. (For example, going for the throat or eyes is not a go-to in this situation.) A friend-of-a-friend who you don't like in the first place is getting overly aggressive. You can give them a little love tap to let them know that you aren't playing around and to leave you alone. You have a genuine fear for your life or someone else's life. Your job is to make it home. All 3 options are given when weapons are involved and when they aren't involved. We teach disarms, locks, takedowns, ground-defense, choke or grab defenses, and defense against multiple attacker situations and more.
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